I am amazed, shocked, disappointed, taught, amused and sometimes abused by 8th graders every weekday of the academic calendar. The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences with adolescent literature and adolescents themselves. I will review and recommend Ad-Lit books and writing and throw in some of my successes and failures with the kids I teach everyday.

Anyone who deals with adolescents regularly, as parents, family members, teachers, can all agree that they are at the most interesting age of their lives, especially to observe from the outside. Whenever I tell people I teach 8th grade they all have the same reaction; raised eyebrows, sometimes a, “bless you,” sometimes a laugh or a pat on the shoulder. And they’re right; these are not easy people to deal with all the time, especially when you want to teach them about plot structure or compound sentences. But I think I learn more about the world from my students on a daily basis, than I have in the other 26 years I have spent on the planet.

They are weird, and emotional, and crazy, and they are fascinating.


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