What’s With All the Bad Moms?

When I say “bad mom” I am not referring to the normal, sweatpants wearing, mac and cheese feeding, “I need wine and coffee” type of mom. Those ladies are my people. I am talking about moms who are treacherous, who ruin their children’s lives, withhold love, lie, and are generally awful people.

I just finished the audio book (and now motion picture) for novel Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon and I started trying to remember the last novel I read that had a good mom. Why is that authors love to turn mothers into villains?

In Everything, Everything the protagonist’s mother assigns her a diagnosis that ensures she will remain in her mother’s care and “safe” forever. It is a Rapunzel remake with instant messaging.

Ordinary People a mother drives her living son to a suicide attempt with her need for everything to seem perfect to the outside world.

Mrs. Bennett in Pride and Prejudice wants to sell her daughters off to the richest man possible for her own security and comfort. Mrs. Singer from The Selection series is equally money grubbing and desperate.


The Hunger Games…

Need I go on? And Disney doesn’t bother with the villainy, they just kill mothers off!

I am not saying all mothers should be selfless, sweet, and all around wonderful, but it sure is hard to find one that isn’t terrible when it comes to pop culture.




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