This is what teaching feels like!

Today is Day 6 of Year 4 of my teaching career, and I wouldn’t say this if I didn’t really, really mean it: IT WAS FANTASTIC!

For real, I don’t think I have ever had a day that went as well as today did, in every SINGLE class. I already gave my also-a-teacher-husband a full run down so I won’t bore anyone else with the nitty gritty details. But here are the high lights:

A Fire Drill interrupted first period, but I still conferred with 3 COUNT EM’ 3, students about their narratives! That means I saw EVERY SINGLE student at least once, many twice since last week.

In my first reading class a student found symbolism in a story they were finishing independently BY HERSELF (these are 8th graders, people) without my ever mentioning symbolism or anything about it yet this year. The story was “The Scarlet Ibis” by James Hurst if you’re interested.

In my second writing class my most difficult group brainstormed respectful question and comment stems for sharing their writing with each other. RESPECTFUL, y’all. It was so great.

Then, in reading with the same difficult group we (finally) watched the Alfred Hitchcock version of “Lamb to the Slaughter” after spending last week reading it. They LOVED it, even though its black and white and old school. The girls changed their minds about the main character (who kills her husband when he tries to leave her, in case you haven’t read it) and actually sympathized with her. The film version let them, “she how harsh he was to her,” actual quote. Also, “I’d wack him, too.” Sweet baby Jesus, I taught them things!!!


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